Three Bars In Sheds

Garden Beach Hut

Amidst a tangle of overgrown bushes, a simple pent roofed shed situated near a lush garden pond is the setting for this shed bar inspired by nature. An awning covered with a mixture of rushes and long tufts of dried grass that creates an image of a tropical beach hut, extends from the front of the shed to provide a covered seating area if it should happen to rain. Beneath it the top half of the shed wall has been transformed into a drop down shelf that serves as the bar counter and is held in place by metal supports that fold when the counter is lifted back at closing time. Just outside the hatch there is an old fashioned brass bell and inside, there is a metal miner’s lamp. The tiny space inside the shed bar has been carefully planned to include narrow shelves for the most essential spirits every bar should have. Bar accessories are of lightweight melamine to prevent adding excess weight to the counter.

Allotment Paradise

A small tool shed on the allotment that’s been transformed into a bar is ideal for taking a break between hoeing. The apex roof allows a little more head height and inside there is a small workbench that has had an easy to clean worktop fitted. In the corner is a small sink with an independently pumped water supply for washing muddy hands. There is a narrow, old kitchen style dresser that provides the shelving for a small number of beer bottles and glasses and has a convenient cupboard below for storing snacks. Lighting comes from a typically sparse bare light bulb. Outside there is a small wooden table with a parasol and two milk churns that act as seats. Leaning against the wall of the shed is a dishevelled scarecrow and an antique garden spade.

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Home Comfort

Set on a deep plinth of timber and edged with a path of crazy paving is a garden shed bar with a hint of luxury. Double latticed doors open to reveal a spacious interior with a square wooden bar faced with stone cladding on one side, while opposite is a small but comfortable, brown leather sofa. The bar has a small metallic beer pump and the shelving at the back has a variety of bottled drinks and glasses. To provide a homely touch, the shed is lit by a standard lamp in the far corner and there is a rug on the floor. Hanging on the inside of one open door is a dartboard. Whatever inspiration you find in your garden shed, Dawnvale can help you transform it into the shed bar you’ve always wanted.