Why Facebook is better than Google for restaurants?

It’s great you have planned out how you are going to market your restaurant business. If you don’t, then Google it up and you will come with lots of restaurant marketing ideas. What’s tough is to decide whether to choose Facebook or Google for marketing your business. Both are giants and each one has a different advertising model. When it comes to promoting your restaurant, experts say you are better off using Facebook for marketing your business.

Facebook ads let you target people on the basis of their interests instead of what their search (as in the case of Google). You are basically targeting basis on the basis of who they are rather than the information they are looking for. Facebook shows ads on the basis of the likes and demographics of the user. Let’s have a look at why Facebook is better for your restaurant.

Build brand equity

Facebook lets you leverage the good words of mouth which, of course, are powerful when you are advertising. The user sees an ad almost every day. Over the course of several interactions, he will get to know what your brand is all about. Yes, a potential visitor will learn about your restaurant, its location, what kind of food you serve etc. before even deciding to click through your Facebook page or website. You won’t even have to force them to browse through your landing pages. They will only land on your website if they want to order something.

Demographic and keyword targeting

Facebook lets you target keywords and demographics with precision. Since user profiles already have their location, with geo-targeting, your Facebook ads appear to users whose profiles contain the location you are targeting. So, if your restaurant is in Cromac Place, Belfast then only those Facebook users will see your ad who are within that location.

Pros and cons for Facebook advertising for your restaurant business


  • You can broadcast ads to reach a specific audience
  • It’s a highly effective form of advertising if you want to reach people who use mobile devices
  • You can display ads in a range of formats to make your food look delicious.
  • If you want to create direct response campaigns for your restaurant, it’s best
  • If you are new and you don’t have a large marketing budget, Facebook is best to begin with. You reach to about 1000 people by just spending £5 a day.


  • You will have to keep on creating new ads to engage with the visitor
  • More and more advertisers have started using Facebook so things will get competitive

You most definitely want to create a direct response from your advertising campaign, right? In that case, Facebook is best to market your restaurant and reach your target audience. It won’t break your bank, you will just have to hire an expert agency to manage your restaurant’s marketing. Long story short, Google helps you in increasing sales of your product while Facebook helps in building brand equity.

Amazing Wine Tips You Need To Try Out

Sipping a glass of wine by the fire is a joy many of us would love. If you’re struggling to find the right wine for your own event, consider reading this article. Whether you want to know more about purchasing or serving, you’ll find the tips here give you a great foundation of knowledge to begin your journey towards learning.

Do not spend your money on full cases of wine if you are not sure you like it. It is best to purchase an experimental bottle, or even better, taste the wine before you purchase it. You should consider buying full cases of win if you know you will easily be able to serve it when you have company.

There are wines from all over the world, so try them all out. You can drink a Canadian wine from Niagara, one from California or one from France. Test all the different regions until you find those you like the best. Whether it is Italy or South Africa, you’ll find the perfect selection.

Attend as many wine tastings that you can during the course of the year. This can be very beneficial for you as it allows you to get an idea of some of the newer wines that are on the market. This will help you to gain a better appreciation for all wine has to offer.

Leftover wine should not be saved for any more than four days. When wine comes in contact with oxygen, it starts to break down. This greatly effects the taste and balance. It is best to use any wine you have leftover for cooking instead of drinking it as it is.

Do not let others influence your taste in wines. It is important you try different wines and decide what you love. Everyone has different taste buds and might not be looking for the same thing in a wine. Do not assume that drinking a wine recommended by an expert will make you more sophisticated.

Learn the pronunciation of all of the wines that you serve so that you sound as professional as possible when you are around your guests. This can go a long way if you are having a party or get together with friends in your house. There are common names for wine, so get acquainted with the lingo.

If you need to find a wine for an important occasion such as a wedding, it is best to have a small wine tasting party beforehand. Invite some of the guests and have them try different wines. Give them a large selection to choose from and do not hesitate to offer different options at the actual event.

There, now you’re prepped for your next adventure with wine! It doesn’t take much effort to read an article like this, but you learn a lot. With that education behind you, you’ll find that wine is even more enjoyable every time you’re able to bring a glass to your lips.…

Three Bars In Sheds

Garden Beach Hut

Amidst a tangle of overgrown bushes, a simple pent roofed shed situated near a lush garden pond is the setting for this shed bar inspired by nature. An awning covered with a mixture of rushes and long tufts of dried grass that creates an image of a tropical beach hut, extends from the front of the shed to provide a covered seating area if it should happen to rain. Beneath it the top half of the shed wall has been transformed into a drop down shelf that serves as the bar counter and is held in place by metal supports that fold when the counter is lifted back at closing time. Just outside the hatch there is an old fashioned brass bell and inside, there is a metal miner’s lamp. The tiny space inside the shed bar has been carefully planned to include narrow shelves for the most essential spirits every bar should have. Bar accessories are of lightweight melamine to prevent adding excess weight to the counter.

Allotment Paradise

A small tool shed on the allotment that’s been transformed into a bar is ideal for taking a break between hoeing. The apex roof allows a little more head height and inside there is a small workbench that has had an easy to clean worktop fitted. In the corner is a small sink with an independently pumped water supply for washing muddy hands. There is a narrow, old kitchen style dresser that provides the shelving for a small number of beer bottles and glasses and has a convenient cupboard below for storing snacks. Lighting comes from a typically sparse bare light bulb. Outside there is a small wooden table with a parasol and two milk churns that act as seats. Leaning against the wall of the shed is a dishevelled scarecrow and an antique garden spade.

Home Comfort

Set on a deep plinth of timber and edged with a path of crazy paving is a garden shed bar with a hint of luxury. Double latticed doors open to reveal a spacious interior with a square wooden bar faced with stone cladding on one side, while opposite is a small but comfortable, brown leather sofa. The bar has a small metallic beer pump and the shelving at the back has a variety of bottled drinks and glasses. To provide a homely touch, the shed is lit by a standard lamp in the far corner and there is a rug on the floor. Hanging on the inside of one open door is a dartboard. Whatever inspiration you find in your garden shed, Dawnvale can help you transform it into the shed bar you’ve always wanted.…

When You Can Use Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery is a great way to have a satisfying meal that is affordable and convenient. You can order pizza for almost anything and people will appreciate it. Most people like pizza so it’s a great choice for anyone.

When You’re at Work

You can be the office hero! If you order pizza for everyone in your office, they’ll be glad that you’re working there. There’s a good chance the people in your office like pizza and it’ll really be a treat for everyone who’s there!

Before a Party

Pizza at a party is the way to go. It’s more affordable than catering, it’s something most people like and it’s easy cleanup for you. Since most people eat pizza off disposable plates, it’s easy to make the right choice with pizza delivery for a party. As long as you order before the party, you’ll be good to go for the rest of the party. Your guests will be glad you ordered a pizza because people enjoy it so much.

During Movie Night

Whether you’re snuggling up with your honey or you’re hanging out with the kiddos, you can’t go wrong with pizza delivery kirkwood mo for a movie night. There are so many options you can add to your pizza to make it something suitable for you and the family. Pizza is easy to eat while you’re watching a movie and it’s a no-fuss way to make sure you’re getting dinner without worrying about it too much!

To Celebrate Something

Pizza is a great way to celebrate. From pizza after your last game to pizza when you’re excited about something that happened, you can invite everyone for pizza at your place. Choosing pizza is a great way to reward people because almost everyone loves it. As an affordable treat, you really can’t go wrong with pizza. You can also feed a lot of people with just a few pizzas and that’s something most people are grateful for.

As a Treat for Yourself

Life is all about rewarding yourself for doing things good. If you feel you’ve earned a reward for yourself, you should definitely treat yourself to some pizza. There aren’t many things more satisfying then hanging out and ordering in for the night. You can get caught up on housework while eating your pizza or you can just relax on the couch while catching up with all your favorite shows. No matter what you’re doing, everyone deserves a whole pizza delivered right to their door!

Pizza can bring people together and can show them they are important. It can also make it easier for everyone who wants to be the host to do their job. No matter what kind of pizza you like, how big your crowd is or what you’re ordering the pizza for, it’s the right choice. Pizza delivery is always a good idea for any type of situation that you find yourself in.

The World of Smoked Wood

Summer is here, which means bar-b-que season is open for business. For serious grill masters, this means a large assortment of meat, slathered with various special sauces and smoked to perfection. Smoke is a crescendo of the bar-b-que experience, the third leg of the flavor journey, and it is the single thing that adds the most flavor. The smoke that enhances the taste of that succulent meat can come from a wide variety of wood. These wood types have different consistency, resin, and source. If you are using a bag of wood chips, the choice in the type of wood used means everything. For the back-yard smoker just getting their BBQ legs, here is a breakdown of the different woods available for your meats.

Acacia: A wood that burns very hot. Needs to be used sparingly in tiny amounts. Has a very strong flavor.

Alder: Bears a light flavor which is ideal for poultry or fish. The traditional wood of smoked salmon.

Almond: Has a sweet, nutty flavor that compliments all meats.

Apple: Very mild when it comes to flavor. Works well with either poultry or pork as it bears a sweetness to its taste. Using apple wood discolors the skin of the meat.

Apricot: Another great flavor for poultry or pork. Bears a mildly sweet taste.

Ash: Another fast burner. Needs to be used in moderation. Known for its unique flavor.

Black Walnut: Gifted with a hearty flavor that may turn bitter unless combined with other woods.

Birch: Has a nice sweet flavor which compliments pork and chicken.

Cherry: Universal in application, cooking on cherry wood gives meat a mild, sweet flavor. It is one of the most popular smoking woods out there.

Grapefruit: A mild wood with a smoky flavor ideal for any meat.

Grapevines: Produces a tart smoke that grants a fruity flavor. Very good with lamb or chicken.

Hickory: Has a strong flavor that requires moderation. Great for beef and lamb.

Lilac: Produces a mildly sweet smoke. While good for poultry and pork, this wood is great for smoked cheeses.

Mesquite: Another fast burner that runs hot. Mesquite has the strongest flavor, so it is popular with the restaurant set. It should be used sparingly for a short time.

Oak: Although it is strong it does not overpower. Great with lamb and beef. A very versatile hardwood.

Orange: Creates good, smoky flavor that compliment any type of meat.

Pecan: This wood burns cool. Its flavor is very delicate and subtle.

Persimmon: Another of the fruit woods, has mild but slightly sweet taste to it.

Plum: A great wood to smoke poultry or pork in, it has a milder flavor.

Other great woods not mentioned here include: bay, avocado, bay, butternut, beech, carrotwood, chestnut, fig, guava, hackberry, madrone, manzita, olive, and willow. Some foods also taste great when smoked with a combination of woods. Be careful that the woods you mix all complement each other.

The Many Benefits of a Water Delivery Service

Our bodies are made up of about 85% water. We lose that water each day through activities like sweating and urination, this just replaces the water that we lose. Drinking water ensures that you are healthy and at your best. It is recommended that adults consume 64-ounces of water daily. Drinking plenty of water each day keeps the body well-hydrated, the skin smooth, and offers a plethora of additional benefits.

Water at Your Doorstep

Using a water delivery service Bethel Park PA is a great way to improve business. Not only does this delivery service provide everyone in the office with easily accessible, great-tasting water, it also provides your company with a great image. Companies across the country use this service and it’s time to join the crowd and arrange your own service. The type of business you operate is unimportant. What is important is that you want to provide your staff and customers with H2O; the fuel for life.

The Options are Yours

Water delivery services provide an array of options designed to accommodate the needs of companies of all sizes and needs. It is easy to arrange delivery of a small amount of water or a lot, depending on your needs. Choose from spring water, distilled water, and many other options, delivered to your office in dispenser coolers, bottles, and glass bottles. Available options vary from one provider to another so take the time to compare your options to find the best for your needs.

Cost of Water Delivery

Water delivery service costs vary from one service to the next. Factors like the type of water that you want delivered, the frequency of delivery, and the company chosen impact the final costs of the service. Most people find the costs reasonable and well worth the expense. No matter what your options, water delivery service saves considerable time and money and brings forth a host of additional benefits. It is easy to get free quotes so that you can easily compare costs with several companies before selecting the best water delivery company for your needs.

Water Delivery benefits

Choosing a company is a beneficial decision that you’ll appreciate for a long time to come. Not only does everyone at the office have access to delicious water when it is needed, but customers also have water readily available and you enjoy benefits such as:

– Save time since you don’t need to run out to the supermarket to buy water
– Choose from a variety of water options
– Save money
– Enjoy quality water
– Water tastes better than tap water
– Improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the office

Final Thoughts

Arrange a water delivery service and enjoy the many benefits listed here and tons more. Many companies have made the decision to use this service and its time that yuo join the crowd. We all need water to stay healthy and when it is readily available, you can rest assured your most valuable people get the hydration they need to thrive.